How to find the best deals for a home in Dallas

A Dallas-area homeowner is making the rounds on social media to sell their home to an online buyer.The homeowner is in search of a place that fits her budget.She’s searching for a property that fits the budget of a person who is single and does not have kids.This homeowner has a 3 bedroom house and […] →Read more

The best of the best from the 2013 FIFA World Cup

TalkSport presents a special edition of FIFA World Football’s best of 2013.From the world’s most famous soccer games to the greatest moments of the game, TalkSport’s list of the year’s best features some of the most memorable moments in the sport’s history.In our inaugural year, we were delighted to be able to feature some of […] →Read more

Sport is on the rise in the Philippines, the Philippines sports writer says

Mendelian is the most popular sport in the country, with more than 9 million Filipinos attending games and sporting events every year, according to the National Sports Foundation.But the country is also home to a population that’s not as affluent as the rest of the world, according the foundation.And for many Filipinos, sports are something […] →Read more

Ghana population: 1,636,842,000,000

Posted October 07, 2018 14:03:49 A population of 1,627,822,000 is counted by the United Nations in a country that is home to the world’s most populous nation.The UN Population Division said on Friday the country’s total population, the total number of inhabitants, was 1,612,934,000.The US Department of State and other agencies have put the total […] →Read more

How to understand the statistics of the Japan population

Population figures can be misleading.As we’ve noted before, many countries have populations that are much higher than they really are, and some are even over 100% of their populations.The result is that there’s often a large discrepancy between what countries are saying about their populations and what they actually are.The same is true for data […] →Read more

What’s going on with Spain’s rural population?

After months of delays, the first official figures from Spain’s government on population will be released in mid-March, according to Spanish media reports.The National Statistics Institute said in a statement on Thursday that it would release the figures, which will include official data for the country’s 11 million rural residents, on March 21, according the […] →Read more

Pakistan, India sign landmark pact for polio eradication

The countries of Pakistan and India have signed a landmark pact to eradicate polio by 2030, in a major milestone in the fight against the crippling disease that has claimed thousands of lives in the past two decades.The agreement, which was signed at a ceremony in Islamabad, was presented to the press by Pakistani Prime […] →Read more

Google’s big bet on search engines to make $1bn profit

The search engine giant is set to break into the lucrative search-advertising business, as it begins selling its own branded search engine on the back of the success of Google Now.The news comes on the heels of Google’s recent announcement that it has bought advertising giant Digital Sky for $US10.2 billion ($1.35bn) and has hired […] →Read more

How to find out if you are over the age of 60

The BBC Sport Pop quiz has launched, asking users to think about their age and what they like to watch, to find which TV shows and movies are currently most popular among them.If you are 50 or over, you will be asked which TV series are most popular amongst your age group.This will be a […] →Read more

Why is the US government denying people vaccines?

The US government has decided to deny Americans access to vaccines despite their being available for sale at the pharmacy, according to a new report.The new data shows a spike in the number of people who were refused vaccines in the last week, with some states seeing a 40 percent spike.According to the American Medical […] →Read more