Why the US is not making the best investments for our future students

Students who want to work in STEM careers may be getting the wrong advice, but there are plenty of things the country should be investing in, according to Vice President of the US Department of Education and a leading voice on the subject.The vice president was speaking at the Association of American Universities (AAU) Conference […] →Read more

Population growth expected as West Africa’s drought persists

A decade ago, the country was booming.In 2013, the population reached 9.7 million people, nearly double the current level of 1.6 million, according to the latest census data.The situation is still far from perfect, however, with a massive influx of refugees from neighboring Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone who have fled the violence.There is no […] →Read more

How to figure out the number of people living in Madagascar

You can figure out how many people live in Madagascar using this simple calculator.But what if you’re unsure?This is a great resource for finding out.This calculator will show you how many live in each country in Madagascar.Madagascar’s population is estimated to be about 1.1 million.So, to figure it out, you can use this simple formula: […] →Read more

What’s in the latest U.S. settlement news?

The Associated Press has published the latest settlement numbers from the U.N. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).According to the Office, settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories (OPTs) rose by 10,726 in 2016.That’s a 7.7 percent increase from 2015.The increase is a big boost for Israel, which is pushing to increase the […] →Read more

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says ‘it’s not a crime to be black in this country’

Governor Mike DeWeese (R-OH) said Thursday that there’s “no crime” in the state to be a “black person” and that people shouldn’t feel the need to “police” their surroundings to be safe.The former governor said at a press conference that while it’s “not a crime” to be “black” in Ohio, he doesn’t want to encourage […] →Read more

How to find Japan’s top cities

A new report has revealed the top 10 cities in the world, based on the latest census data.The rankings show that while Tokyo has overtaken the number one spot in terms of population growth in the past five years, it’s not quite as much as people think.Tokyo is still the fastest-growing city in the U.S., […] →Read more

How to spot an algorithm’s bias

An algorithm can be a powerful tool in the quest to understand what’s happening in the world, but sometimes it can be used to manipulate its own results.That’s exactly what researchers at Google have discovered in a study that found the search giant’s algorithm has a tendency to favour certain news sources over others.The researchers, […] →Read more

When the GOP tax bill finally gets a vote: Here’s what you need to know about it

The House Ways and Means Committee passed a bill to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations on Tuesday, but Democrats say the legislation does little to help struggling Americans.The legislation also does little toward repairing the country’s $19 trillion national debt, a burden that Democrats have long sought to end.The Democrats said they would […] →Read more

How America’s aging population is reshaping the nation’s health care system

The aging of the U.S. population has made it difficult for the country to expand Medicaid, a key entitlement program for the poor and working poor.And a new report shows the cost of the program is skyrocketing. →Read more

When are the next presidential debates?

By Josh BunchA presidential debate is expected to take place on Sunday, March 15, and a vice presidential debate will be held on Thursday, March 18.The first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will take place at 10 p.m.EST on ABC, with a vice-presidential debate scheduled for later in the […] →Read more