The most influential people in rural America are: 1. The farmers’ market, 2. The dairy farmers’ association, 3. The ranchers’ association

The following are the top 100 most influential U.S. people in the rural community.

The numbers in parentheses are those of the Urban Research Institute.1.

Farmers’ Market: 2.

Dairy farmers’ Association: 2,0003.

Ranchers’ Association of America: 2 million4.

American Farmers’ Association, Inc.: 200,0005.

National Farmers Union: 200,00006.

Dairy Farmers Association of North America: 100,0007.

American Dairy Association: 100.0008.

American Farm Bureau Federation: 75,0009.

National Association of Manufacturers: 50,00010.

National Federation of Independent Businesses: 50 million11.

American Medical Association: 45,00012.

American Pork Institute: 45 million13.

American Society of Civil Engineers: 40 million14.

National League of Cities: 30 million15.

National Sheriffs’ Association and Association: 30,00016.

American Nurses Association: 25,00017.

National Pork Producers Council: 20,00018.

American Association of Meat Packers: 15,00019.

American College of Nurse-Midwives: 10,00020.

National Farm Bureau Council: 10 million21.

American Meat Institute: 10 percent22.

National Rural Health Association: 10%23.

American Veterinary Medical Association and Society: 8,50024.

American Public Health Association and American Veterinary College: 7,00025.

National Dairy Council: 7 million26.

American Beverage Association: 6,50027.

National American Red Cross: 5,50028.

American Cancer Society: 5 million29.

American Heart Association: 5.00030.

American Federation of Teachers: 5million31.

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association: 4 million32.

National Conference of State Legislatures: 4.00033.

National Urban League: 3 million34.

American Lung Association: 3,00035.

American Diabetes Association: 1 million36.

American Academy of Pediatrics: 1,000.00037.

National Nurses United: 900.00038.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: 599.00039.

National Alliance for Women and Families: 537.00040.

National Education Association: 485.00041.

National Council of Churches: 441.00042.

National Coalition for Public Broadcasting: 442.00043.

National Family Policy Council: 447.00044.

American Bar Association: 445.00045.

National Society of Black Engineers: 438.00046.

American Civil Liberties Union: 383.00047.

American Humanist Association: 375.00048.

American Hospital Association: 363.00049.

National Hispanic Foundation: 353.00050.

American Family Association: 353 million.00051.

American Urban Radio Network: 302.00052.

National Right to Farm Coalition: 290.00053.

National Partnership for Children’s Health: 267.00054.

American Postal Workers Union: 252.00055.

National School Boards Association: 251.00056.

National Retail Federation: 246.00057.

National Organization of Women: 241.00058.

National Wildlife Federation: 238.00059.

National Assn of Professional Engineers: 234.00060.

American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity: 233.00061.

National Agricultural Coalition: 232.00062.

National Milk Producers Federation: 226.00063.

American Iron & Steel Institute: 224.00064.

National Asian Pacific American Legal Association: 224 million65.

American Automobile Association: 223 million66.

National Black Chamber of Commerce: 222 million67.

National Jewish Congress: 220.00068.

American Agricultural Bankers Association: 217.00069.

National Latino Political Action Committee: 216.00070.

National United Farm Workers: 215.00071.

National Domestic Workers Alliance: 214.00072.

National Committee to Preserve the American Tradition: 213.00073.

National Republican Congressional Committee: 211.00074.

National Sierra Club: 210.00075.

American Red-Hot Chili Peppers: 209.00076.

American Food and Drug Administration: 209 million.

National Association of Consumer Advocates: 207.00077.

American Retail Federation.207.00078.

American Community Energy Association.207 million.

National Consumer Federation of America.207million.

National Dairy Council.207,00079.

American Cheese Council.206.00080.

American Petroleum Institute.206 million.

American Farm Bureau Association.206,00081.

National Taxpayers Union.206 thousand.

American Nurses’ Association.205.00082.

American Taxpayers Alliance.205,00083.

American Chamber of Industry.205 million.

Americans for Tax Reform.204.00084.

American Dairy Association.204 million.

New England Food and Grocery Manufacturers Association.203.00085.

National Farmers Union.202.00086.

National Retail Federation