How to get an accurate estimate of Indonesia’s population from census data

More than three-quarters of Indonesia is estimated to be uninhabited, and its inhabitants are spread across the country.

This article explains how to find out how many Indonesians are living in different parts of the country, as well as how to make accurate population estimates.

Indonesia is the world’s second largest Muslim nation, after Pakistan.

The country’s population is estimated at 7.8 million, and the most recent census estimate showed that in 2016, the country had a population of about 3.6 million people.

The largest number of Indonesians live in Aceh, which borders Malaysia.

In addition, there are many small islands in the country that have populations between 500,000 and 1 million.

Most of the islands in Indonesia are inhabited by Indonesian-speaking minorities.

The most populous island in Indonesia is Aceh.

Aceh is home to a total of 5.2 million people, and about a quarter of the population is made up of people of Indonesian heritage.

Acebans population has been increasing steadily since the 1980s, and it now accounts for more than 60% of the total Indonesian population.

The Indonesian government’s population statistics are based on the 2000 Census.

The Census is the most widely used and widely used method of population information in the world.

It is the primary method used in determining population sizes for many countries, and is also used to calculate population densities.

The 2000 Census is not the only reliable method of estimating Indonesia’s total population.

Countries using this method include Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the United States, and India.

How to find a reliable estimate of Jakarta’s population using the census data source: Indonesia: the official census data Indonesia’s official population is 7.9 million.

The official population for the whole country is 4.3 million, which is about 5.6% of Indonesia.

The government of Indonesia uses the 2000 census to estimate its population.

To obtain a census data, Indonesia uses a process called “census sampling.”

It begins by collecting census data from residents of different areas, such as businesses and factories.

The population data is then combined with other census data and other information to create a population estimate.

The census sampling process is used to estimate Indonesia’s overall population.

This process is the easiest way to get a reliable population estimate for Indonesia.

In order to get accurate population information for Indonesia, it is important to know the following: Where do the Indonesians in Indonesia live?

Where do they live?

The census estimates that Indonesia’s residents live in: Aceh (including the island of Sulawesi) Indonesia’s inhabitants live in an area of about 2,000 square kilometers (1,300 square miles).

This area covers an area approximately equal to the size of the United Kingdom.

Aceabans area is around 2,600 square kilometers.

About 2,800 people live in the area of Bali (the island of Java) Indonesia has a total population of around 3.2 billion.

The Bali area is the largest city in Indonesia and is the second largest in the archipelago.

Bali is home of Bintang (the capital) and is home country to Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta.

In Bintan, the largest province in Indonesia, the total population is about 2.3 billion.

How many Indonesies live in Jakarta?

The official estimate for Jakarta’s number of people is 7,933,000.

This number is not a precise estimate.

In the official estimate, the government gives a number that is much lower.

According to the government, the official population estimate is 2,965,000 people, which means that Indonesians number 7,813,000 live in Indonesia.

There is no official data available on how many people live around Jakarta, but it is believed that there are between 400,000 to 600,000 Indonesians living in Indonesia’s cities and towns.

Indonesia’s average annual household income is about $45,000, which puts Jakarta’s average income in the middle of Indonesias low-income group.

How much is Indonesia’s per capita income?

Indonesia’s GDP per capita is about 1.8 USD, which includes about $3,400 in tax revenue.

This income is not much higher than Indonesia’s median income of $44,300.

The average Indonesian has an annual income of around $1,800.

How can I get an estimate of how many Indonesiaians are in different areas?

Indonesia has its own census bureau.

This census bureau collects data from households.

The Bureau of Statistics of Indonesia (BSI) also conducts surveys.

In this way, Indonesia’s government collects data on the population, and these data are then used to make the country’s official estimates.

How do I find out where in Indonesia the Indonesies are living?

To find out which Indonesian residents are in certain areas, the census bureau gathers information