How many people live in Hohenwald and who are affected by it?

Posted October 15, 2018 03:20:22 In a recent article in the German tabloid Bild, the newspaper reported that the area’s population has been reduced from around 30,000 people to around 10,000. 

The article goes on to note that the number of people living in Hohenschwangen has also been reduced.

The population was estimated at around 3,500, the paper reported.

A spokesperson for the Hohensichwangen municipality said that the population has decreased due to the influx of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries in recent years.

“In Hohenscherzungen, the number has decreased by around 30 percent to around 6,200,” the spokesperson said. 

“In addition, there are a number of other municipalities in the area that are also in need of help.

The municipality is working on a comprehensive plan to manage these areas.”

The population has also decreased due in part to the increase in the number and intensity of wildfires in the region.

According to the German National Center for Ecology, this year’s fires have been so severe that there is now a danger of the fire spreading to other parts of the state.

As of March 31, 2017, the area of Hohensachwangen had a total area of 1,094 square miles. 

In 2016, the German Federal Environment Agency (BfV) reported that Hohenschingen had lost approximately 30 percent of its forest.

The area was estimated to be over 8,400 square miles by the end of last year.