What You Need to Know About the ‘WWE’s ‘WrestleMania’ Coverage Plan, With a Bonus Video

In April, the WWE announced a new WWE programming initiative called “WrestlesMania,” which would be a new network of live events, including WWE Raw and SmackDown Live, for prime-time programming.

That plan included a pay-per-view for April 29, and a WrestleMania pay-to-view that would go on for months.

(WWE WrestleMania had already aired the first week of the network’s launch.)

A month later, in May, WWE announced the network would be doing a live event every other week from May 18 to May 26.

And the network will air its first Raw live event in May.

There’s no word on a Wrestlemania pay-view launch, but a WrestleZone, which will be a digital service that will allow subscribers to watch WWE events via the internet, was announced in June.

And then there’s WrestleMania, which is coming to Netflix on March 12. 

While the first episode of the series is scheduled to air on March 26, the second episode will air on April 1. 

It’s possible that the second season of “WWE Smackdown Live” will be aired on Netflix on the same day as the show’s first episode. 

If you’re a wrestling fan and want to know what all the hype is about, WWE will be bringing you exclusive content, live on-air and on-demand, all on-platform, including “The Best of WWE Network.”