The ‘Australia census’ is about to get a whole lot more controversial: ABC News

AUSTRALIA census is about be getting a whole hell of a lot more contentious than ever, writes Mark MacFarlane.

The numbers are being released on Thursday, with a new interactive version of the census that allows you to track and compare each of the countries census-takers live in.

The interactive map shows the population breakdown of Australia, from its smallest to largest states and territories.

The map shows how the different census data categories are broken down by country.

You can also compare the population distribution of each census-taker, using the interactive map.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said the new census data would be “of particular interest to people and organisations working in Australia’s census data collection”.

“The data will be of particular interest in the areas of health, crime, crime prevention and security, regional and community wellbeing, education and infrastructure,” the ABS said.

“We will be releasing these data publicly on Thursday.”ABS chief statistician John-Paul D’Ath said the interactive data would “make it easier for Australians to understand the impact of census data on the communities they live in”.

“It will help build trust with communities, provide the data people are using to make informed decisions about their own personal security, and give us an opportunity to discuss how we can ensure Australians have the confidence to take part in the census and participate in the wider community, he said.

The ABS also released new data from the ABS National Household Survey, which showed that Australia’s population is now up to a whopping 6.7 million, up from 4.5 million in the first census.

The first census was conducted in 1901.

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