Why the US is not making the best investments for our future students

Students who want to work in STEM careers may be getting the wrong advice, but there are plenty of things the country should be investing in, according to Vice President of the US Department of Education and a leading voice on the subject.

The vice president was speaking at the Association of American Universities (AAU) Conference in Chicago on Wednesday.

He said the United States needs to invest in students, not just to keep them in school, but to prepare them for a global economy.

“We have an opportunity to build a more prosperous future for students, their families, their communities, and our nation, and we need to do more than simply invest in the best education,” he said.

Vice President of Education John King says there are too many STEM-focused investments that don’t pay off.

“It’s not that the United State should just spend the money that it needs to get better,” he told Vice News.

“But the right investment is in the right place, and it’s in the areas where we have the most students, and the most graduates, and that are the most promising.”

He said the US needs to be investing the most in the most vulnerable, such as students with disabilities, who can’t afford the best colleges and universities, but need the most help to get there.

“If we’re going to make the best investment for our students, we need a national strategy that is focused on students with the most needs,” he continued.

“That’s the strategy that I want to make, and I’m going to be a part of that strategy.”

While King’s remarks echoed his remarks from earlier this year, his comments on Wednesday came at a time when the Trump administration has been ramping up efforts to cut funding for public colleges and schools.

In the last two years, the administration has taken actions that include a cut to the federal Pell Grant program, a reduction in Pell grants for low-income students, a temporary halt on the federal student loan program for the working poor, and a reduction to the Pell Grant for undergraduates.

“Our students are our future, and so we have a responsibility to them and to our country to make sure they have the best possible education,” King said.

“So we’ve got to do the best we can to invest that money into our students.”

He also called for Congress to create an alternative way to fund higher education.

“There are a lot of opportunities for us to invest our resources in the STEM areas,” he added.

“There are lots of people who think that they can get the funding for those STEM areas and yet we need the funding in the other areas.”

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