How many people in Japan are actually in the Top 10 Most Popular Places in the World?

A year after a spate of attacks, a group of Japanese tourists have taken a shot at the U.S. and its reputation as a safe haven.

A group of tourists, dubbed the Monaco population, took a photo of the Statue of Liberty, a popular tourist attraction in Tokyo, in the middle of a crowd.

The photo was published online on Friday and quickly went viral.

It shows the iconic Statue of Freedom at night in the background.

The picture has garnered more than 2 million comments, with the majority of them coming from Americans, many of whom commented with shock.

“I’ve seen this Statue of Liberation at night on multiple occasions and never thought it was a good idea to take a picture of it in the dark,” one user wrote.

“It’s not a good sign to take this picture of a landmark, it’s also not a great idea for a tourist to take pictures of it during a natural disaster.”

The image was taken at a tourist attraction called the Monoco, and a photo posted to Instagram showed a woman in a headscarf, holding a baby in her arms.

“This is the Statue on the left and the Statue in the right, which is the U, the United States,” a woman named Nomi said in the Instagram caption.

“So it’s a very nice picture.”

The statue was in fact built by the Statue Foundation in 1893.

“We have a very special place here in Japan, and the most important thing is the safety of the visitors and the citizens,” said the foundation’s director of communications, Hiroshi Nakamura, in an interview with Reuters.

“You should not take any pictures with your smartphone or cameras, and you should not use your phone or cameras to look at something that is clearly not there.”

“It was an accident,” Nakamura said.

“There’s no reason for this.

I’m not blaming them, I’m blaming ourselves.”

He said the group was not protesting against the statue.

“When we were visiting this statue, we took a picture with our phones.

We didn’t do anything illegal,” Nakampura said.

Monaco was the location of a mass shooting in 2013 that killed 58 people, including 20 children.