Norwegians want a national monument to commemorate Norweigan culture

The Norwegian government wants to erect a monument to Norweigians as it prepares for a referendum on whether to grant the country’s first and only national park to Norway.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Wednesday the monument, dubbed Norwega, would be located on the island of Bornholm, in the south-westernmost tip of the country.

“Norwegian culture is a special part of our identity and it should be preserved,” he told reporters, adding that the monument would be “not only an honour but also a responsibility”.

“We must protect this culture and this nation from the encroachment of foreign cultural influences.”‘

Norwegian tradition’Norway, which has more than 4.4 million inhabitants, is home to many cultural and linguistic traditions, including the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish languages.

The country was also the birthplace of the first recorded Viking settlement in Norway.

However, the country is experiencing a demographic crisis, with its population forecast to shrink to more than 300,000 in 2040, compared to more a million in 2020.

A referendum on the issue is due to be held in 2019.