How to make the most of your smartphone when you want to read more

Source New Scientist:The top 5 apps for reading are: Facebook  (24% share) Skype  10 (11%) Twitter  7 (7%) Instagram  5 (5%) Facebook News  4 (5%).

There are many other great apps for information on how to stay connected with friends and family, read articles, and see how you stack up in the latest online polls.

But for our purposes, here’s the best:Skype, a chat app, and social network, that’s a little pricey but is also a fantastic tool for reading the news, keeping in touch with friends, and getting updates on things that matter to you.

Twitter, Twitter’s messaging app, is the app for people who want to get updates on what’s going on around the world, see tweets of celebrities, and talk about topics of interest.

Facebook News, Facebook’s news app, has a ton of features that make it a great way to stay in touch, check in on things, and get the latest information about social issues.

Instagram, a photo sharing app, also makes it a terrific way to share photos, videos, and videos, but for more social-focused news and video, you can also check out the app’s “News Feed” section, which offers a great view of what’s trending on social media and offers a better look at the things people are talking about.

And finally, we’ve picked the top five apps for watching videos.

This is a tough one because most of the videos that are watched are ones that are just on Facebook.

But here are the best apps for that, which is why they’re included: Fetch  – This app lets you browse through the top videos that people have posted, find videos with the most liked or shared content, and discover new videos.

Facebook’s News Feed is also part of the app, so you can see what’s happening on Facebook, but it’s more useful to use the app to find videos you want.

I’m a huge fan of Instagram, so I have an app called Feedspot to get my feed on the go.

Feedspot lets you find the videos you’re interested in, so it’s not as if you’re just scrolling through your feed and watching a video.

YouTube Video app (formerly YouTube TV) – YouTube TV is another video app that allows you to watch video from your Android smartphone.

You can also search for videos by category and filter them based on your interests.

The app has a lot of different videos to choose from, so finding something you like is pretty simple.

The apps listed above are great apps that are available on a variety of smartphones, and if you want something even more useful for reading, check out our list of the best smartphone apps to read.

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