Anupam Khetkar’s arrest in Gujarat

Anupom Khetar’s arrest was an important event for India and the country’s ruling party.

The Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, came to power in the state in 2019, but lost seats to the ruling Congress party in the assembly elections of the same year.

Khetkar, the BJP’s state unit chief, was arrested on Sunday in Gujarat.

He was charged with violating the Indian Penal Code and other laws in connection with the murder of Anupama Bhatkal, who was stabbed to death in July.

Bhatkhals family said Khetars arrest was a blow to their family.

The arrest came as the BJP had been in power in Gujarat since 1999, and in the aftermath of the 2002 riots that killed more than 1,000 people.

Since then, the party has had its share of controversy.

The Gujarat police said in a statement that Khetaris arrest “was part of an ongoing investigation into alleged acts of violence committed by the accused”.

They said the investigation is ongoing and Khetari’s arrest will not affect the probe into Bhatkshali.

Bhatkhal was stabbed at a bar in Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s second-largest city, in July, and was found lying on the ground with multiple stab wounds.

She had gone to a restaurant to celebrate her birthday with friends and was stabbed after an argument over food, police said.