Why does India keep trying to ban Twitter?

India’s central government has imposed a new Internet ban that it says is aimed at preventing the spread of propaganda and obscenity.

The Communications Minister, Kirti Azad, told reporters on Tuesday that the ban was “based on the fact that the internet is a global medium of communication.”

In a statement, Azad said that the new measures were designed to protect the public interest and prevent illegal distribution of false news and information.

The new restrictions are a “step in the right direction” towards the goal of “improving the safety of the internet and its users,” Azad added.

Twitter and Facebook are the largest and most widely used platforms in the country.

Azad has been vocal in his criticism of Facebook’s efforts to censor content.

Earlier this month, the government passed a new law that blocks access to a number of websites, including the government’s own social media site, and requires internet users to register and provide identification.