Why is the US government denying people vaccines?

The US government has decided to deny Americans access to vaccines despite their being available for sale at the pharmacy, according to a new report.

The new data shows a spike in the number of people who were refused vaccines in the last week, with some states seeing a 40 percent spike.

According to the American Medical Association, there are about 1.4 million Americans who do not have access to prescription medicines.

While the CDC says vaccines are available, it has not provided any evidence to support this claim.

The report says this data does not support a “preliminary” conclusion that the US has a large outbreak of measles, mumps, rubella, and tetanus.

A spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told Business Insider that the number who were denied vaccines is still “low,” with the CDC saying “we are working to address the data issues.”

The spokesperson added that the agency is working to provide additional information on the outbreak as it becomes available.

“We are also working with states and local governments to address vaccine supply issues,” the spokesperson said.

“The CDC is continuing to monitor the situation and we will update you when we have more information.”

The number of patients being denied vaccines in some states was up by more than 40 percent from a similar period last year, according the report.

In Colorado, the number was up nearly 30 percent, and in Washington state, it jumped nearly 45 percent.

The numbers also vary by region.

For example, the spike in Texas saw a spike of nearly 90 percent in the week ending June 9, according HealthMap, a health data visualization site.

In New York, the numbers jumped by more that 70 percent.

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