Why Guinea’s population is so high – talkSPORT

guinea is the poorest country in the world, with a population of just 1.6 million people, according to the latest data. 

The country is also home to the world’s highest number of HIV infections. 

While it is an economically vibrant country, the country also suffers from severe water shortages, the highest murder rate in Africa and the highest number in the entire world, as well as the highest suicide rate, according the World Health Organisation. 

Guinea has seen an economic boom in recent years, as the country has become one of the worlds top exporters of diamonds and gold. 

It also has a strong pharmaceutical sector, with more than 40% of the country’s pharmaceuticals being produced in the country, and has the second-largest gold reserves in the whole world behind only Russia. 

However, the rise in population has been blamed on the countrys poor governance, as some of its people have turned against the country and have resorted to violence to try and change the government. 

Last year, a report by the UN Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that the country’s population had jumped by over 30% in the last decade, due to the economic boom. 

With over half of the population living in urban areas, the region is home to over 40% of the population. 

According to the CDC, over the last year, over 4,000 people were killed and more than 10,000 people were injured. 

In addition, there have been several violent protests against the government and protests against government corruption. 

A number of other countries also have a high birth rate and have recently seen a surge in births. 

These countries have also been hit by a major pandemic, the West African Republic (Wara) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). 

In these cases, the countries are in a crisis that has led to a significant drop in birth rates, leading to an overall decrease in the birth rate. 

On top of this, the governments are also failing to tackle corruption and poor governance. 

There is also a high crime rate, which can lead to increased crime and violent crime. 

So, how does the country compare with other countries in the West? 

A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently found that, GDP per capita in Guinea is around $7,000, which is the highest in West Africa. 

This is due to a high tax and wealth-based structure, which has helped to attract investors. 

Meanwhile, the overall life expectancy is at an average of 82 years, which means that it is a very good place to live. 

Greece is also one of West Africa’s most prosperous countries. 

As well as being one of Africa’s largest economies, Greece also has the third highest GDP per capita among the West Africa countries.

It has the fourth-highest life expectancy at 82 years. 

Other countries in West African are Algeria, Niger, and Nigeria. 

France and the United Kingdom are also in the top ten of West African countries according to EIU, which indicates that the continent is a growing economic and social power. 

What can Guinea do to improve its birth rate? 

In order to increase the birth rates in the countries that have already seen a massive population boom, it would be best to focus on providing more jobs, which will also help to boost the economy and increase the number of people. 

But this is not the only way to improve the country. 

Another approach would be to introduce a universal basic income, which would provide everyone with a basic income of at least $300 per month. 

Such a scheme would have the opportunity to give everyone a better life and give them the means to support their families and children. 

Finally, it is also possible to increase employment in order to create more jobs and increase the overall economy. 

Source: Geoffrey Hahn, Geek Culture: The Power of Culture in the 21st Century, Penguin Books, 2011, pp. 39-40