10 Facts You Need to Know about Germany’s Hohenwald Population

A few weeks ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Nazi death camp in Germany’s Upper Rhine region was a “collective” prison for the entire population of Nazi Germany.

Now, the German government is seeking to get around the ruling by building a massive new prison in the region, which will contain more than 300,000 inmates, including Jews.

According to the AP, the new facility would be built near a new “Holocaust Memorial,” where it would house the bodies of all the people killed by the Nazis.

“This is a crime,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said in a statement.

“It is an attack on humanity and we will fight it.”

De Maiziers office said that the new prison would not be connected to the existing one, which is a “civic memorial” that has since been torn down.

The new facility is not connected to any existing camps or to the Holocaust Memorial, according to the news agency.

“In this case, we will not be able to move in a permanent manner, as the site already contains the corpses of people who died there,” de Maitiers statement said.

He also said that no decisions had been made on the construction of the new “Kampfgruppe” or the “Holodomor,” which is where the deaths of millions of people were committed.

The Associated Press reports that the German state of Bavaria and its Bavarian region have also been trying to build a new concentration camp on the site of the old one.

The site is being built in an area that contains more than 100,000 people.