When it comes to news, the Polish population has more to fear than a flu pandemic

When a flu-like coronavirus outbreak hit the U.S. and Canada in 2016, many in Poland worried about the impact it would have on their health care system.

While many Poles have long believed the country’s healthcare system was well-run and could handle an influx of patients, many felt the flu pandemics could disrupt that.

In some cases, Poland has taken drastic measures to control the spread of the pandemic.

Since then, Poland is leading the world in reducing deaths from coronaviruses.

In recent weeks, however, Polish officials have stepped up their efforts to prevent and respond to new coronaviral cases in the country.

Poland has seen more than 30 new coronas in the last week, according to the latest data from the countrys health ministry.

The countrys Health Ministry has recorded more than 10,000 cases and deaths from the coronavars, and health officials have reported 1,816 confirmed cases and 2,069 deaths.

In early February, Poland saw the highest number of confirmed cases of coronaviraes in its history.

In that time, the country has recorded nearly 1,000 new coronajets.

“The Polish health system is very good,” Health Minister Tomasz Szczepanek told the AP.

“Our health care workers and doctors are very well trained.

The system is well-equipped to cope with these new cases.”

While many Poles fear the coronaval virus will be able to spread easily across borders, Poland and other European countries have been quick to combat coronavales.

The government has sent more than 50,000 troops to battle the virus in the past three months.

In the past week, Polish authorities have deployed more than 7,000 soldiers, equipped with personal protective equipment, to battle an airborne version of the virus.

In addition, Poland’s public health authority has said that 1,600 soldiers and more than 1,300 police officers will be deployed in the coming days to help with the response.