Seguro: ‘The World Needs More Children’

Segura is a popular popular informational website.

Its owner, Lola Segarra, created the site with the idea of providing children with a more informative and entertaining website.

She also says it was created with the hope of helping her husband, a physician, improve the quality of his life. 

Her site features stories from the life of a fictional doctor named John Segarras, who was a famous surgeon who pioneered the use of ultrasound to treat children.

He is portrayed as a father who is trying to improve the lives of his son, who is autistic. 

According to Lola, her husband is a good example of what is possible with technology.

“I think he’s a great example of the power of technology and the potential of the internet to bring the world closer together,” she told Newsweek.

“If we all learn from John, and do our part to help the world, we will create a better world.

It is my hope that someday all of us will have a child that we love, and one that we are proud to call our own.”

Lola says she was inspired to create the site by her husband’s son, James.

James is a child who suffers from autism.

He has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Lola said that the autism spectrum is the most common type of autism, but the condition affects a lot of children.

She hopes her website can help James develop better communication skills, and that it will also help other children with autism, especially those who have never experienced it.

Lola hopes that her website will inspire other parents to try to help their children. 

Lola Seharra said that she hopes that someday, everyone in the world will have children that they love.

 “Children with autism are the most vulnerable and most vulnerable people in the universe,” she said.

“They have no support systems, no help.

They have no hope.” 

According the autism society, about 1 in 8 children in the U.S. has an ASD. 

“I hope that when I start to grow as a parent, when I can finally start to share that I’m a mother, I’ll feel less afraid and less alone,” Lola told Newsweek in an interview. 

The Segaras also have other children.

Their son, Zachary, is autistic, but is happy to be a parent.

He told Newsweek that he was surprised to learn that his dad is also a parent and is very supportive. 

John Segarranas, who owns Seguras, said that he and his wife were able to share their love for their son James with the world because he is “always happy, he never cries, he is always a good parent.” 

James was diagnosed with ASD at age 2 and is currently at home with his mom.

James said he had never met his father before and was amazed at how his father was able to raise James.

“He’s such a great person and such a good father, but he doesn’t have any friends,” he said. 

In January 2017, John Segerranas received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to help children with ASD.

The award was presented by the Swedish government.