Philippines, Spain and Indonesia all top top list of the most popular social networks

An overview of the top 10 most popular information networks in the Philippines, Indonesia and Spain shows that the Philippines leads all other countries in terms of the number of users and users per user.

News24 has ranked the top ten social networks in each country.

The Philippines, ranked number one, has 2.9 million users, while the Philippines is second with 2.7 million.

The Philippines is third with 2 million users.

Spain, ranked fourth, has 1.9 billion users.

Indonesia, ranked fifth, has 825 million users in the country.

Spain has the highest number of subscribers with 2,092 million.

Indonesia has the second highest with 2 per cent.

In total, Spain has over 100 million active users.

The most popular content in the top 5 countries, in terms to the number users per users, is Spanish.

It has the most users in third place with 1.4 billion.

The next most popular country is Japan with 1 billion.

The number of active users per capita is in fourth place with 3.8 people per person.

The Netherlands is number five with 3 per cent of the population.

The Netherlands leads the world in terms per capita in terms for the number per user and for the population per capita.